Hot and Bothered

Trying to prepare for an ACTHA ride World’s Worst Horse(to be referred to hence forth as WWH) and I took part in an obstacle clinic.  While all the other horses eventually got through all of the obstacles, WWH never mastered one!  NF Clinic7

On this obstacle we were supposed to calmly walk through the “wilderness box”.  After an hour of begging, pleading, coaxing, and every other *#$!ing word that ends with “ing” we got to this point…and it was an enormous progress!  The trainer had worked with her and had to give up in order to work with other paying clinic students.

NF Clinic8

We did get to this point by the end of the clinic!  This took nearly all day of trying and she definitely wore me out before I wore her out.  She is an Arabian after all!  It was nearly 90 degrees out here in Southern California and I am not sure that I could handle much more.  Maybe next time.  Until then, we will keep on trying.